Guatemalan Worry Dolls

Worry dolls are handmade in Guatemala and are dressed in colourful textile patterns in traditional Mayan style. 


The worry dolls were traditionally made to help children get a good night sleep and take away their worries. 

They are tiny dolls and each worry doll is unique and no two are the same. 


Legend has it that each doll is used for separate worries and it is recommended that you swap worry dolls regularly so they get a rest.

How to Use Worry Dolls

  • Concentrate on your concerns or problems before you go to bed.

  • Tell the doll what you want taken away.

  • Put the doll under the pillow or near the bed. 

  • Sleep restfully 

  • Some parents remove the Worry during the night to show the child proof their worries have gone. 

  • Some people reuse their worry dolls for the same or new worries. 

Benefits of Worry Dolls

  • The intent of using the worry dolls is to help the person deal with their troubles by giving them to the worry doll and letting go of their worries prior to sleep. 

  • Worry dolls can be used to encourage children to talk about their worries and concerns. 

  • Children that have trouble sleeping may benefit from using worry dolls to remove or let go of their worries and relieve anxiety.

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