Tumbled Crystals

Our high vibration tumbled crystals are perfect for crystal healing,charka balancing and healing you mind and body. They can assist you to develop your intuition and connection to your spirit guides. They can be used for grounding, during meditation, to enhance mindfulness. Tumbles crystals can be used in crystal grids to manifest your intention.


Tumbled crystals are easy to carry in your purse or pocket, put them under your pillow or beside your bed, place them on your desk or in a room of your home.

To keep your crystals in optional condition remember to cleanse them regally. For information on how to cleanse your crystals see my blog post Cleansing Crystals.

​Our tumbled crystals are also available in crystal wish kits, crystals sets and zodiac crystal sets available. 

LMG Rocks and Crystals

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