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  • Dream Catcher Cleansing Smudge Gift Set


    Dream Catcher Cleansing Smudge Gift Set


    Dream Catcher is a Native American Symbol used to protect sleeping people from bad dreams and nightmares. 


    Box dimensions 

    Lenght 15 cm 

    Depth 15 cm

    Height 6.5cm 


    This sacred cleansing Smudge Kit contains all the items you need to manifest healing and positive energy into your life and home.

    This kit provided contains the four elements:

    Water element: Abalone Shell
    Air element: Feather
    Earth element: White Sage & Palo Santo
    Fire element: Fire 

    White sage:

    For hundreds of years, white sage has been considered sacred and it has been used for cleansing and purifying. Negative energy could be accumulated over time. Your home, office, crystals and sacred items can be cleansed and purified in the smoke of white sage.


    Use your sage smudging stick to perform a spiritual cleanse when you are feeling negative energy, drained or depressed. Smudging cleanses and purifies your body so your body can attune to higher vibrational frequency.


    Palo Santo:

    Palo Santo is a sacred tree that has Holy Wood. Palo Santo has been used for thousands of years for its energetically cleansing and healing properties.


    Healing Benefits:

    Traditionally used for relieving common cold & flu, asthma, allergies, migraines, headache. Great to relieve depression, stress and anxiety. Also great for the immune system. Can be used as an anti-inflammatory. It can be used for physical pain and cancer symptoms.


    Spiritual Benefits:

    Highly regarded for spiritual applications, used for vibrational work and clearing negativity. It is energetically cleansing & healing, with properties similar to sage. It creates an amazing aroma when burnt and the smoke should work well to raise your vibration, enhance creativity, clear negative energies and bring good fortune.



    Selenite is a powerful crystal for cleansing and purifying. Place any crystal on it for a day or longer if you feel they need. Placing a tumbled selenite in your crystal kits can maintain your crystals are cleansed and ready for use at any time. It promotes peace and harmony to your home or space and unblocks and removes negativity energy. Selenite does not hold negative energy and never needs cleansing. It can be used to cleanse your crystals.


    Selenite is a very powerful protection crystal. It brings protective yet calming energy into your home. It promotes peace and harmony to your home or space and unblocks and removes negativity energy. Selenite does not hold negative energy and never needs cleansing. It can be used to cleanse your crystals.

    Selenite can be used to access your higher self via third eye chakra and assist you to reach an enlightened state. Selenite on your window sills invites positive energy into your home. Selenite was named after Selene Greek Goddess of the Moon.


    Abalone shell

    Abalone shells are used in smudging rituals, not only because they catch hot ash after the stick has burnt, but they are a beautiful gift straight from the ocean. Abalone shells are a thick seashell which shimmers with the gorgeous iridescent colours of mother-of-pearl. They hold the energy of the ocean and bring a strong calming and healing energy, allowing you to remain connected to the sea.


    How to use Palo Santo:

    Use a lighter or match to ignite the end of the Palo Santo. Hold it at a 45 degree angle with flame pointing down. Once it has ignited allow it to burn for around 1 minute and then blow it out. Allow the smoke to cleanse your body and any area you wish. Place it in a fire proof dish.

    *Please note the abalone shell's range in size from 2.5" up to 3.5". Some abalone shell's may have different marking's as these are a natural product and are not considered faults.


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