My Story 

Welcome to LMG Rocks and Crystals, a small online business selling crystals, crystal sets and metaphysical products. I started the business in 2019 after I experienced significant loss in my life, I decided life is too short not to chase my dreams. 

I strive to provide high quality products that are ethically sourced and purchased from sellers that support fair trade. I am also passionate about protecting the environment, so I do my best to package the products in reusable materials (no plastic).

Since my childhood I have felt a connection to the earth and bodies of water and found they heal and recharge me. As an adult I stumbled upon crystals and felt an immediate connection to them and their healing energies. I now have a large crystal collection in my home that I use daily to enhance my life. 

I am passionate about providing you products that have healing qualities, reduce stress, enhance mindfulness and relaxation and improve the lives of others.

The crystal sets and most of the bracelets and necklaces on the site are hand made by myself.

​The crystals are hand selected for you and cleansed in a singing bowl prior to shipping. They will arrive carefully packaged with a description of their benefits and healing properties.

​Thank you for supporting a small Australian Business.

Love and light Leanne xx

LMG Rocks and Crystals

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