Spell and Crystal Infused Candles 

Spell candles

Our spell candles are handmade, crystal infused, anointed magic spell candle. Each candle has been handcrafted with with crystals. Crystals are used to to enhance your intention and attract positive energies. They are great to collect and use when you meditate. Our spell candles also contain herbs that have been used for magical purposes for centuries. 

Candle spells are simple to use for spiritual purposes in spells, rituals and while you meditate.

Decide on your goal. Visualise achieving your goal and with intention light your spell candle to release the magic. 

Crystal Infused Candle

Our crystal infused soy candles have been hand poured with love and care and are infused with crystals to help you create a space to support your intentions and achieve your desires.  They are made to order for you with your selections of fragrance.  

Your crystals infused candle will fill your home with your choice of fragrance and the benefits from your chosen crystal to bring light into your life.

Our candles are made from 100% pure soy wax that is natural, non toxic and will not pollute the air. Made with 100% cotton wicks that are lead free.

LMG Rocks and Crystals

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